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❝ You’re right, it is just a game, and no I will not calm down. ❞

— Me (via lagertharising)

I’ve been wanting to talk to you, but there never seems to be a time… I’m not trying to excuse what I’ve done. I know it was wrong. I have no more right to enslave you than anyone does.


"Okay. I understand."

Games that deserve a sequel. 

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Enslaved + silhouettes


Early quick sharpie video game character sketch today. Here is Monkey from Enslaved! Journey on dude~! #enslaved #ninjatheory #monkey

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Verdigris »


The sound of the crash had stopped echoing, and Trip emerged from the pod. Her nose took in the dust they had kicked up, and the scent of burning and metal that clung to the pod from the explosion. Like a heavier base note, the humid warmth of the overgrown city filled her lungs, and she took a…

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Odyssey to the west turned 2 today!


by NikVirella

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I’m not sure if anyone checks this tag but, does anyone who plays Enslaved on PC know how to hide the HUD/Interface for screenshots? 

Help, anyone?

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