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Games that deserve a sequel. 

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Enslaved + silhouettes


Early quick sharpie video game character sketch today. Here is Monkey from Enslaved! Journey on dude~! #enslaved #ninjatheory #monkey

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Verdigris »


The sound of the crash had stopped echoing, and Trip emerged from the pod. Her nose took in the dust they had kicked up, and the scent of burning and metal that clung to the pod from the explosion. Like a heavier base note, the humid warmth of the overgrown city filled her lungs, and she took a…

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Odyssey to the west turned 2 today!


by NikVirella

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I’m not sure if anyone checks this tag but, does anyone who plays Enslaved on PC know how to hide the HUD/Interface for screenshots? 

Help, anyone?

Trip (Enslaved: OTTW) by SweeetRazzbery

Hey, I was wondering if you had any headcanons for Monkey or Tripitaka?




Yeah, I have some headcanons, nothing special. But ever since I played the game for the first time, I sort of strated to fill the “off-camera moments” for Monkey and Trip. Namely, what were the nights like for them.

I always pictured they spent a night or two in the ruins of New York, that their journey took a little longer than what we saw.

I imagine Monkey and Trip spending a night at the theatre. They have had a very rough first day together. They had just bickered about Monkey leaving Trip behind, then they narrowly escaped the mech dog. They’re exhausted, it’s relatively safe, the seats are somewhat comfortable

So they stay. Climb somewhere higher to sleep. Settle down not too far from each other. And try to have some uneasy conversations akin to the ones they had during the day. Maybe they move a ittle closer to each other, feeling safer that way in the end.

The next night is by the fire. It’s still akward, but crossing the bridge and fighting the mech dog (together! remember how Monkey gave Trip half the credit? how Trip was in awe of Monkey?) changed something. I imagine neither of them got any sleep, that they just laid there, thinking about what Trip said about Monkey being welcome to stay at her village.

And then they get there, and the village is is ruins and Trip is devastated and… I wonder if Trip woud have been able to spend a night there. To go back to her own house, sleep in her own bed. Maybe not. They don’t talk, Monkey and Trip, they both just try to accept where they are now and Trip’s breaking of her promise. And Monkey really does just accept it. It is what it is. I don’t know when Monkey started to move from “get this thing off” to “turn it back on” (I should make a gifset of this!), but I guess this was one of the moments when he moved closer to the latter.

I imagine they might have spent a night or two at Pigsy’s as well (with hilarious concequences, Pigsy being an ass to Monkey, below-the-belt jokes…).

And then comes the belly of the beast. Which might have been smutty (send me fics, I need them!).

asdfghjk good, I approve of all of this uwu

Especially the belly of the beast part….you have no idea how tempted I am to draw something based on this hehehe

Do it! Do it, DO IT!


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